Here is a glossary of some important brewing terms.

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Lagering- Literally "to store". Maturation for several weeks or months at a cold temperature to settle the remaining yeast, add carbonation and to round the flavour.

Malt Extract- A sweet wort reduced to a syrup or powder by removing the water content.

Malting- The process by which barley is created by germination and then kiln dried to produce starches that will easily convert to sugars.

Maltrose- Fermentable sugar from malted grains.

Mash- Malted barley is soaked in warm water which converts its starches to sugars and becomes the wort.

Milling- The malt is ground into grist to facilitate easier processing.

Pasteurization- Destoying any remaining yeast and bacteria through the use of heat which will lenghten a beers shelf life.

Pitching- Adding yeast to the wort in the fermentation tank.

Primary Fermentation- The initial fermentation which occurs after pitching, converts most of the fermentable sugars to alcohol and carbon dioxide. A process that usually last 2-7 days.

Priming- The process of adding sugar to a brew contained in a bottle or a keg in order to add carbonation.

Racking- Transfering the finished beer to kegs from the fermentation vessel.

Reinheitsgebot- A German purity law inacted in 1516 and still on the books today, decreed that only water, malted barley and hops can be used in the production of beer. Malted wheat was added later.

Roasted Malt- Malted barley that is roasted further to achieve a darker colour.

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