Here is a glossary of some important brewing terms.

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Green Beer- A young, immature beer that has finished its first fermentation but has not been aged or lagered.

Grist- A dry mixture of barley malts and adjuncts used in mashing.

Gruit- Once a popular flavour additive before the use of hops.

Hogshead- Cask that holds 54 imperial gallons (243 litres).

Hop Jack- A strainer used to remove the spent hops from the wort after the kettle boil's completion.

Hops- The dried, ripe cones of a female climbing perennial's flowers that are used to flavour, bitter and preserve the beer.

Hop Extract- The concentrated oils from dried hops. Growing in popularity because of their ease of use.

Hot Breaks- The first part of the clarification process. When the wort is boiled with hops.

Hydrometer- A floating gauge that measures the specific gravity of liquids compared to water inorder to determine the likely alcohol content.

IBU (International Bitterness Units)- A measuring standard to gage a beers hop content.

Infusion Mash- Single vessel, single temperature mashing method where the mash is held at one constant temperature until the starch completely converts to sugars.

Invert Sugar- Hydrolyzed sucrose. A common adjunct used in some British and Belgian beers.

Iodine Test- a test done with a drop of iodine and a small sample to determine whether the entire starch content of the mash has converted to sugars. If unconverted starch remains the sample turns dark blue.

Kraeusening (Krausen Wort)- A traditional German method of secondary fermentation where a small amount of sweet unfermented wort is added to finished beer to produce natural carbonation.

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