Here is a glossary of some important brewing terms.

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AAU- Alpha acid units. a measure of the potential bitterness in hops expressed as a percentage of alpha acid. An alpha acid is a compound that naturally occurs in hops and adds bitterness to the beer.

Adjunct- The wheat, rice, oats, corn or other fermentable unmalted grain or ingredient that is added to beer to lighten the flavour and to help produce alcohol.

Alcohol- The intoxicating by-product of yeast acting on sugars in the malt during fermentation.

All-Malt- A beer made from barley malt without the use of adjuncts.

Amylase- Enzymes that naturally occurs in barley malt that break down starches and convert them to dextrins and sugars.

Anaerobic Fermentation- Fermentation without oxygen. Occurs in the late stages of primary fermintation and lagering.

Aroma Hops- Varieties of hops chosen for their pleasant bouquet.

Barley- The main ingredient in in beer which is kilned to create a malt.

Batch Fermentation- The traditional method for fermenting beer where each batch is fermented seperately.

Beer- An alcoholic beverage created from water, malted barley, hops for flavour, and fermented with yeast.

Bitterness- The taste component created by adding hops.

Black Malt- Used in small quantities in dark beer, Black Malts are created by roasting the malt at very high temperatures until it turns black.

Body- How the beverage feels in the mouth. Thick would be described as "Full-bodied", watery as "light-bodied".

Bottle Conditioned- Secondary fermentation and maturation that occurs in the bottle.

Bottom fermenting Yeast- This yeast performs in cold temperatures, settles to the bottom of the fermentation tank and is used to create lager beers.

Brewhouse- The section of the brewery where the actual brewing or mashing takes place.

Brew kettle- A large vessel usually made of copper or stainless steel in which the wort is brought to a boil and hops are added.

Brink- A holding tank where yeast is kept under refridgeration.

Budding- The most common form of yeast cell reproduction, where tiny buds appear as outgrowths at the edges of a cell and eventually break away and form a new cells.

Bung- The stopper that is placed in the hole of a keg or cask. Traditionally made of wood.

Bung hole- The opening in a keg or cask through which it is filled or emptied.

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