Here is a glossary of some of the best known brewing styles

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Ale- Ales are fermented with a top fermenting yeast, in most cases at or near room temperature. They can be of almost any colour and almost any strenght, but tend to have a richer flavour than lager beers.

Abbey Ale- A beer made in a Trappist style by a secular brewery occasionally through a license from an abbey.

Alt- "Old Style" A type of beer commonly made in Germany (particularily D§sseldorf) before the introduction of lager beers. Alt is a top fermented specialty beer that is cold conditioned.

Barley Wine- A strong ale of British origin with an alcohol content within the 7 to 11 % (by volume) range.

Berliner Weisse- An acidic beer made with large amounts of wheat. It is a low gravity beer that uses lactic fermentation. Often served with a touch of fruit syrup to help lessen the acidity.

Bitter- A hoppy English style ale of average strenght. 3.5-5.5%abv.

Bock- A strong German style lager of at least 6.25% abv. Usually very malty and sweet. A "Doppelbock" has 7% or more.

Brown Ale- Light amber to light brown in colour. Average malt, little in the way of hops.

Cream Ale- A uniquely American style. Often a blend of lager and ale.

Dort- Short for Dortmunder. German style lager, less hoppy than pilsener

Dry Stout- A very dark, full bodied ale whose dry taste can be attributed to roasted barley and hops.

Dubbel (Double)- A strong Trappist/ Abbey Ale usually containing 6-7% abv. Usually dark amber to brown in colour. Little use of hops, but plenty of roasted malt. Bottle conditioned.

Dunkles Bock- The original German bock style. A heavy low fermented beer with a dark colour. Varieties include Herfstbok, Winterbok and Tarwebok.

Dunkel Weiss- This malty beer uses less wheat than other Weiss styled beers, yet maintains many of the characteristics of other Weiss beers.

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